what is delivery trading ? - basic delivery trading rules.

what is delivery trading

       Value investing or delivery trading is one of the most well known aspect of stock market. According to many successful investors delivery trading is the actual secret to their success and wealth creation. However for a beginner investor it becomes difficult to stay consistent and keep focus on delivery trading due to high market volatility even if they were getting some small profit from there invested amount they used to sell there positions and book the profit. 

     There are various things that you might don't aware of which actually helps you to make a good profit from delivery trading. so if you are a beginner investor then you must know this things before starting your investing journey. here, in this article you can get to know about what is delivery trading ? basic delivery trading rules and some of the aspects related to it.

what is delivery trading ?

basic delivery trading rules.

delivery trading tips.

the bottom line.

what is delivery trading ?

    buying and holding of stocks with a perspective of creating wealth by growing their initial capital is the basic meaning of delivery trading. however delivery trading not only justifies the long term trading but also it justifies the short trading. delivery trading doesn't mean actual investing because there are so many traders in the market who used to initiates their trades at delivery basis but within a few interval of time they sell their positions to book their profits. this kind of traders are known as swing traders, rather than that there are some traders also available in the market who used to do trend trading, momentum trading and so on.

     however, delivery trading is one of the best trading that you must do if you're a beginner investor, because this kind of trading helps you to develop your knowledge and grow your skills. while performing delivery based trading the basic analysis that an investor or a trader must do is analyzing the companies working nature, its financials and fundamentals, its future growth and perspective and so on. this things actually helps to make a good decision while planning investment strategy.

     investing your money through delivery trading is a preety simple task but sometimes due to some wrong decision an investor may have to face huge losses on his capital investment. in recent past times the market is doing a deep correction for which the long term investors were in huge losses and trying to recover from that losses, so, investing by following value investing tips and following ethical investing rules is one of the best option to eliminate this kind of consequences. so, it is the brief meaning of what is delivery trading?

basic delivery trading rules.

1. make a portfolio.

      making a portfolio is one of the most basic delivery trading rule that every one must follow while investing for long term as well as for short term trading. a portfolio is a group of stocks that actually helps you to deal the market volatility by diversifying the risk among all the stocks in your portfolio. for example if you have 5 companies stocks from different different sectors in your portfolio, than it is quite difficult that your portfolio value will go below your initial investment, but even if it got down below your initial investment, then it will didn't take long time to bring your portfolio again into a profit region.

2. build a discipline.

      building a discipline is also a good delivery trading rule, however this rule is mostly followed by long term delivery traders or you can say successful investors. building a discipline helps you to being consistent in your investing journey. as most of the peoples won't be able to stay consistent due to lack of discipline and scarcity of self confidence. Rather than that most of the peoples were unaware about the benefits that they might get if they keep to invest consistently. 

3. Examine your choice.

    While investing in some company's stocks on delivery trading basis the major perspective of the peoples is of long term trading. Here, they wants to invest in some companies stock and leave it for upto 1 years which allows them to get good returns. So while investing in this companies you must have to examine your choice i.e. the company you're choosing must have good fundamentals, future growth opportunities, good working culture, past performance and so on. analyzing this things help your investment to be in a safety zone. For example if you analyse the stocks before investing in it then there are very low chances that you have to bear losses and rather than that you might have huge chances of earning higher profits.

4. Decision making.

    Decision making is the key factor of investing space. Your single decision will decide whether you will make profit or loss in future. It is also an important rule of stock market. Most of the peoples used to take decisions on the basis of their feelings and emotions. For example of the market was showing up trend then they used to start buying the stocks at higher levels and suddenly when the market start to fall these investors start to sell their holdings due to fear of loss of funds. So your decision plays a vital role in selecting good stocks which in future can gives you good returns and keep your portfolio healthy.

5. Never loose your capital.

    Making money from stock market is the major perspective of every people. So while doing this the delivery trading rule says that never to loose your initial capital in greed of earning higher money. It is one of the most important rule of delivery trading that every investor and even the traders must have to concern about because most of these traders used to take unnecessary risks to get better results and for that reason mostly it is seen to be that even while doing delivery trading many investors also have to bear losses in long term. So, your capital safety must be your first priority always. 

delivery trading tips.

1. Start with small.

    investing in stock market via delivery based trading helps you to deal with upcoming market trends. Sometimes it is seen that peoples used to invest their complete funds at a time and they don't have enough money to average their positions if they were facing losses in future. So following this tip actually helps you to reduce your risk to a greater extent and you might also get good chances to buy stocks even at lower prices. So it is always recommended that investing 20% of your overall income would be enough at the beginning of your investing journey.

2. First learn then earn.

     It is also a good delivery based trading tip that you must keep in mind. Because most of the peoples used to invest in stock market without gaining any information regarding the market fluctuations, working conditions and so on. Which in the end again cause you a great losses so gathering basic knowledge will also helps you to make good profits and for that reason it is always said that first learn about the market and then earn from the market.

3. Trade with patience.

     While doing delivery based trading most of the investors used to get converted into swing traders because they used to keep on withdrawing their holdings again and again in order to make higher profits and because of that they were unable to grow their initial capital in long term and hence they always keep on earning short profits from the market. While investing in stocks you must remember that you were investing on delivery basis where you want to hold your positions for long term and want to create a good wealth in future to achieve your financial goals. So delivery trading is a subject matter to patience that you must follow.

4. Reason for delivery trading.

     Before doing delivery trading of stocks you must have to be very precise about the reason for which you're making the trades. Here the reason may be depends on your long term goals as well as on your short term goals. These reasons would be the real factor to keep you consistent and disciplined while investing in stocks. Delivery trading is also known as investing is mostly considered for long term basis i.e. more than 3 year to achieve financial goals like having a car or buying a house and so on things. So choosing a reason before delivery trading is also a good tip that you must follow.

5. Track your holdings.

     Tracking your holdings on delivery trading basis is also one of the best tip that you must follow. Because assembling your funds and managing them is quite a difficult task. So following this thing actually helps you to build a money management skill in you and while doing delivery trading, money management skill is one of the most important skill that you must require to maintain your funds in long term.

The bottom line.

     delivery trading might be good for some investors however it also have some negative factors that might affect your portfolio in long term. for an example most of the banking sectoral stocks had been falling in long term from few years. so searching for a good stock is quite a difficult task that you must have to focus on. in short, delivery trading might helps you to grow your funds in long term but sometimes due to an incorrect decision or false analyse you might also have to bear huge losses in long term.

     this article might gave you a clear knowledge about delivery based trading, however most of peoples were confused about difference between intraday and delivery trading. so the basic answer for that is intraday trading is completely based on same day trading. whereas, delivery trading must be short term trading or long term trading.

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