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Investment Options In India

       there were several investment options in india in which one can invest to take better returns or one can also invest for his future so today in this article you can get to know about three best investment options in india that helps you to plan your financial goals, however i already provided two articles on investment options in india based on risk and non risk factors.

      this article is related to the mid risk factor but before that lets clarify why should one can invest in this options. the basic but major reason is of returns and sustainable growth. so the options are.

  • buisness
  • blogging
  • real estate


      nowadays business is the most profitable and sustainable investment which one can make. after the covid situation. as due to covid situation one can get to know the necessity of second source of income. investing in one own business is the best investment option because as it his own company one can work hard to bring the complete potential to its extent to get to a better level. there are various options available in the market from which one can start his business even with lower investment and higher outcomes. according to some financial advisors and mentors business is the best source of income which one can used to build a good wealth. so some of the best business today that one can do are like.

  • e-commerce business :- 
       e-commerce business is a foreign concept of doing business where buyers and sellers meet together on an online platform to make a deal for a product. currently this business is getting in trend in india as one can start these business even with very minimum or low level of investment. in e-commerce business one can sell his products through making his own website for an example vijay sales a well known developing business in technology related product and in  another method one can list his products on another person or company's portal to get orders from there like the service provided by amazon, flipkart, ebay, etc. 

       here, as a starter one can start by listing his products on another websites like amazon, flipkart, etc as these may be a bit less expensive because if one can start directly by owning a website then it takes lots of time to grow the website traffic, to create a brand and profit motive will also get affected so starting through another websites would be a great option. but before that these websites also have some terms and conditions which a seller have to fulfill then only he could be able to sell on that platform if one can fail to fulfill the t&c of the websites then its a bit difficult to start selling there. as this business have higher potential in near future it is a best investment option in india.
  • consultancy business :- 
      when one can achieve a deeper knowledge of a particular field, he can open a consultancy firm and can start providing his services to the needy persons and in return he can charge some fees from him. however this charges or fees would be ultimately becomes the income of the service provider. this business is also getting in trend in this current days as this business does not required a high amount of investment. one can start it with very low level of investment as well.

       some of the consultancy firms that currently holding the highest market capture are recruiting consultancy firms, accounting consultancy firm, IT tech consultancy firms, etc. currently large capital companies or multinational companies gave projects of bulk hiring to this recruiting consultancy firms for there companies as these companies don't have enough time to take interviews and shortlist candidates on bulk basis. however there are some consultancy firms which charge some fees to provide the job and on the other hand still there are some consultancy firms which don't charge any fees to provide this kind of services. similarly accounting consultancy firms provide assistance to its clients on the basis of the accounting knowledge he held, for an example he can handle the customer business accounts, balance sheet maintenance, tax returns filling, etc. in return he can charge some fees for the service he is providing to his clients.


       blogging is one of the best investment option in india nowadays, because it takes the lowest investment however on the place of investment it takes lot of time to grow the website. one can write on various things in which he have interest. one can write different articles on lifestyle, technology, stock market, finance, politics, latest news, etc. by publishing this articles one can monetize his website which helps to give him a good wealth. this takes lot of time to grow the website as the traffic driven is the most important thing to run a website, one have to take various actions like managing campaigns, creating backlinks from other websites, searching about good potential keyword with low keyword difficulty, search engine optimization (seo), etc as this task take lots of time to get improve that means after a particular time one can start getting a good returns from this option.

real estate

       real estate is also one of the best investment option in india nowadays, as it provides enough returns on early basis. however this investment option requires a high level of amount to invest. one can get good returns on yearly basis from real estate by three methods they are like.
  • rental income :- 
       by investing a lot of amount one can buy a piece of land or a home from which one can get returns by giving it to some needy person, however the returns received from rental basis is not that great but it is kind of secure investment which can continuously keeps on providing money on monthly basis.
  • buy and sell :- 
       many of the real estate players used to buy the sites at lower prices and after the price of the land got increased they instantly sell it, however these also takes lots of time along with higher investment, but holding a piece of land is more secured as compared to other investment options.
  • broker :- 
      one can also get returns by working as a broker or mercantile agent which does not required any high level of investment. he can bring the clients to the property holder and by finalizing the deal he can get some commission on the sales of the property. so it is also a kind of best investment options in india.

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