how to invest in stocks? - best app to invest in stocks

how to invest in stocks? - best app to invest in stocks

          after the digitalization of stock market most of the companies used to provide or sell their company shares in dematerialized form rather than providing physical form of shares. to make the buying and selling process more convenient. many individual stock brokers and banks started providing broking facility. so today in this article you can get to know about how to invest in stocks, list of 20 apps and websites to invest in stocks and some other aspects related to the same.

how to invest in stocks?

from where to invest in stocks?

list of 20 apps and websites to invest in stocks.

best app to invest in stocks

best apps to invest in us stocks from india

best apps to invest in us stocks from us.

best sites to invest in stocks in india.

how to invest in stocks?

      there are various ways to invest in stocks. but still due to lack of knowledge and awareness very few peoples used to trade and invest in stocks. so how to invest in stocks? majorly there are three ways to invest in stocks.

  • apps and websites (online method) :-         

how to invest in stocks?

          investing in stocks through online method i.e. by applications and websites would be the most convenient way to invest in stocks. many stock brokers and individual firms coming up with stock broking firm, from where an investor or a trader easily buy and sell shares of different companies.
          there were many stock brokers available in the market who provides their services of buying and selling of securities. they provide a large variety of features that an investor use according to his ease to invest in stocks. 
          nowadays it is the most commonly used path to invest in stocks by the new investors or the beginners. they just have to open a trading and demat account with a broker and after selecting some good stocks you can also start invest in stock market.

  • broking firms (offline method) :-        

how to invest in stocks?

         while investing through offline method the investor visits to the offline stock broking firm and invest in stock of any company from there by paying the investment amount to the broker and paying some charges to him.
         in this method, the shares that you purchase have been stored by the stock broker in the demat account allocated to you. but due to the offline process the stockholder have limited access to his demat account as compared to online method of investment. the features are also comparatively low and the charges are high as compared to online method. 

  • investing in company directly :-      

way to invest in stocks in past times

        investing in company directly is the only way to invest in stocks in past times. nowadays it is very fewer that peoples invest in company directly. rather than that companies raise their funds by raising funds from investors directly.
        however, after the digitalization the market was captured by the stock broking firms. but still there are some companies that allows to invest directly into company stocks and hold physical stock certificates of the particular share of the company that he holds.
        there are some companies in the market that don't allows to invest directly and wants their stakeholders to have a trading and demat account that allows them to trade in the shares of the company.

       if you like to invest in stocks through apps and websites then there are some necessary things that you must require to invest in the stocks of the company. there are some basic documents required to open a stock maintaining account.

  • selecting a best broker :-           

how to invest in stocks? - best app to invest in stocks

          selecting a broker on the basis of the things that you might required according to your essence would be a best thing. for example a beginner requires the easy to use app with lower charges would be a good option for a beginner to start invest in stock market.
         similarly, a stock market pro requires an application or a website with wide variety of features and stock recommendations that allows him to analyse the market fluctuations, analyse companies growth and so on. 

  • required documents and charges :-           

          the basic and necessary documents that required for opening an account with a stock broker are aadhar card and pan card and apart from that there are also some brokers that charges some mandatory account opening charges. as these are the basic documents and charges that would be required to open an account.
          here the aadhar card is used to authenticate the identity of the investor or traders, however sometimes it also takes some other additional documents like electricity bill or voter identity card as substitute of aadhar card. 
           the pan card or the personal account number card is the universal identity card that keeps record of all the transactions of your bank accounts, current accounts, fd's, rd's, stock account's, etc. 

  • trading and demat account :-      

trading and demat account

          trading account and the demat account are the two accounts that allows an investor to hold their stocks and allows a trader to buy and sell stocks from the market.
          the trading account allows a trader to make the transactions of buying and selling of stocks or to invest in stocks. the complete procedure was held under the trading account. whereas the demat account helps the trader or the investor to hold his shares or positions untill the time they want to sell the shares.
           the stock brokers have there depository participants with whom they allocate the demat account to there investors so that they can hold there shares in that account. after holding stocks in demat account you have to keep on verifying your stocks using tpin with your depository participants i.e. cdsl or nsdl.

  • making an investment :-         

         making an investment to buy the stocks of a company is the final step to invest in stocks. but before making an investment you must choose some better stocks to get proper or a good returns.
          while making an investment, choosing a stock from wide range of stocks is one of the major step that one can take. so, selecting a stock based on the company's fundamentals, it's financials and looking after the other aspects would be most preferable for all times.
         after adding funds in the trading account you have to select a particular stocks that you wants to buy and you have options to buy the stock on market price or putting a limit after selecting one of them your order will be placed successfully. 
          if you select the market price then your order will get immediately placed and cleared and if you put a price limit then your order will get cleared when the market price reach the limit price.

from where to invest in stocks?

from where to invest in stocks?

         there are generally two stock exchanges from where an investor can invest in stocks, that is national stock exchange and bombay stock exchange. these are the two biggest stock exchanges of india which have the highest volume of transactions of shares. 
         bombay stock exchange is the oldest stock exchange of india which is founded in 1875 and located in mumbai's dalal street. however national stock exchange is the biggest stock exchange currently which is founded in 1992 and situated in bandra kurla complex (bkc), mumbai. 
         bse have listed more than 5000+ companies for stock trading in the market, nse have low listing of companies in the market as compared to bse because of higher authentication and validation of listing of companies. the total companies listed in national stock exchange is around 1600+.
         as the national stock exchange is the biggest stock exchange it has the highest volume of orders as compared to bombay stock exchange, and the order processing is also comparatively higher than bse as most of the traders used to initiate their transactions with nse. so, for that reason the orders processing of nse is also higher than bse.

list of 20 apps and websites to invest in stocks 

         there are so many brokers available in the market, in this list you can get to know about 20 stock broking apps and websites among all the brokers which you can use to invest in stock market.

best app to invest in stocks in india

best app to invest in stocks in india

  • groww :-      

          groww is one of the best app in india for beginners to start their investing journey. you can use this app for investing in stocks, invest in mutual funds, investing in initial public offerings (ipo's) and so on. recently it have also introduced some new features which includes investing in us stocks, and fixed deposit facility.

  • zerodha :-     

         zerodha is one of the best discount stock broker in india which charges zero brokerage or lowest brokerage for the buying and selling of stocks. rather than that it is also a good app for beginners to start their first investment. zerodha charges some fees for trading account as account opening charges. rather than that the biggest benefit of using these app is zero brokerage charges.

  • angel broking :-     

          angel broking is also one of the best app in india that is mostly liked by the peoples to make their investments. the angel broking app is rich in features as these app is mostly used by the experienced traders. so there are lots of features according to the ease for them. other than that it also have news flashes that keeps on providing proper market sights. 

  • upstox :-     

          upstox is as somewhat similar to angel broking app as it is one of the best rich in feature stock broker which provides complete stock broking solutions like investing in equity, investing in mutual funds, commodities, derivatives, etc. some of the features its provide includes stocks analysis, chartings, market news, etc. upstox also have its own website and provide rich beneficial features on the site to its traders for the transactions.

  • sharekhan :-     

           sharekhan is one of the best stock broking app in india. it is a good starting app for beginners as it provides complete assistance to get onboarded and after that it also provides training to get knowledge about the stock market investing and trading aspects. however other than that it is an easy to use app which is helpful for beginners, but the fees and hidden charges are comparatively high from the discount stock broking firms.

best app to invest in us stocks from india

best app to invest in us stocks from india

  • indmoney :-       

         indmoney is one of the best trending app nowadays which helps investors or traders in india to invest in us stocks. it also provide wide range of features like one place completely aggregated balance, real time networth occurence, fractional us stocks purchasing feature and so on. however, sometimes rich in feature apps caused confusion for the beginners to start investing in us stocks which leads to lower conversion of investors.

  • vested :-     

         vested is as similar to other stock broking apps which is registered with the securities and exchange board of india. it allows its users to invest in us stocks and exchange traded funds in united states. it also allows to buy a fraction of shares of us stocks. according to some experts vested is most preferable to them those who required frequently investment and withdrawals.

  • stockal :-     

          stockal is also similar to rest of the apps that allows its users for buying and selling of us shares even in fraction. but related to stockal some peoples have queries that is stockal reliable to invest in? so, the answer is yes as it is collaborated with some high authority clients like money control, hdfc, geojit and so on. so for that reason it is reliable to invest and other than that the fees and charges are on the higher side for investing through stockal as compared to other stock brokers.

  • groww :-       

            groww is one of the leading stock broker in india which allows its investors to invest in the stocks in indian market. but, now after introducing the new feature that is of investing in us stocks, it also allows it users to trade in us markets. however the investment amounts and some other aspects are not specified properly. but rather than that the groww have a increasing number of active clients which means there is a huge potential for the app ahead.

  • gotrade :-    

           gotrade is also a pretty good app that allows its users to buy and sell oversea's stocks from india. it also allows it users to start trade from as low as investment of 1 us dollar. this app is downloaded and loved by more than 1 lac users and it has around 4.8 star rating on google play store. the reviews and feedback provided by it's users are quite impressive. 

best app to invest in us stocks from us 

best app to invest in us stocks from us

  • robinhood :- 

         robinhood is an us based stock broking app which delivers a number features to its investors, this app provides 100% commission free stocks and for that reason those who used to trade frequently it is beneficial to them. it also allows to buy company's stocks in fraction. rather than that it also allows its user to invest in cryptocurrency from the same platform. according to the experts it is the best app for active traders.

  • invstr :-      

         invstr is one of the best app to learn stock market things,as it provides learning aspect features. rather than that it is also used by majority of traders as it also charges zero commission on the investment. other than investing in us stocks it also provides other investment options like etf's, cryptocurrency, etc.

  • betterment :-          

          betterment is one of the best app for investing as well as for trading in us stocks. the fees and charges is also lower. other than that it also includes a rich and variety of features like portfolio customizable core, smart beta, retirement management aspects. it allows it's users to crate multiple goals and helps them to see the wort conditions that he may face so that to make his financial conditions properly prepared, in order to deals with the situations.

  • ellevest :-         

           ellevest is also best stock broking app especially made for women's to start their investing their investment journey on their own and to become self dependent, here they provide the features like investing, saving, learning, earning, growing and so on. this app does not require any minimum amount to start investing in stocks, one can start his investing in stocks from the amount as low as 100$, this app does not charge any advisory fees and the monthly subscription fees is also low as compared to some other stock brokers.

  • acorns :-         

           acorns is an america based fintech and financial service providing company which also allows to invest in united states stock market. it is specializes in micro investing and robo-investing and it is said to be that it is the first app to offer micro investing feature it actually enables the investment of aggregated sub dollar amount in fractional shares with high frequency and allow its users to save and invest their money.

best sites to invest in stocks in india.

best sites to invest in stocks in india

  • icici direct :-          

           icici direct is one of the best website that provides complete stock broking solutions, it allows its users to invest in various things like investing in equities, mutual funds, currencies, commodities, fixed deposits, bonds and so on. it also have a research team that gave recommendations on stock investing as well as trading. it also provides market news that one can use to see the future prospects of the company. 
          so investing through icici direct account is really reliable and convenient. here you can also get an option in which the research team had created some portfolios on the basis of company's fundamentals and financials for the betterment of the investors.

  • india infoline :-      

          india infoline or iifl is also a well known stock broking website which also helps to invest in wide range of investment options like mutual funds, property solutions other than equities and so on. in short it provides the complete financial solutions to an investor.
           the india infoline also provides loans and also offers insurance to its investors. india infoline also have offline presence which helps its customers to coordinate with them easily by simply visiting to the offices it also helps to improve the relationship between the broker and the clients.

  • sbi securities :-      

           sbi securities is also some what similar to all the other stock brokers in the market, the thing that makes it stand apart from other broking firm is the ipo aspect, as it claims to be the one stop solution for all the newly listed stocks or ipo's. 
           this platform provides portfolio restructuring, dedicated helpdesk, relationship manager and some more features like these. so for that reason it is also a best stock broking website to start your investment journey.

  • motilal oswal :-         

           motilal oswal is also a best app to invest in stocks however other than that it also allows its users to invest in a wide range of other investment options. it also provide tutorials to the beginners to invest in stocks
           it concludes some good features like investment advisors, intelligent advisory portfolios (iap), etc. it also have some features for the traders like trade guide signal and strategy builder. due to these reasons it is a good app to start investing in equities.

  • edelweiss :-       

           edelweiss is a recently launched new stock broking firm which helps to invest in stock market with some simple steps. the interface of the website is quite simple which might be beneficial for the new starters. it also provides all the facilities that other stock brokers provide. 
          these website also provides stock recommendations to the investors on the basis of company's fundamentals, financials, technical analysis and also based on the other aspects. rather than that it also helps to trade in futures and options of a company's stock.

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