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Investment Options In India

       you guy's may aware about what are the investment options in india nowadays from where we can receive good returns. i already provided an article on investment options in india as v1 where i explained about three best options that is stocks, mutual funds and commodities. today in this blog again you will come to know about another three best investment options which may have a higher scope in future in india that is - 

  • life insurance corporation of india (lic) 
  • education & skills
  • health and fitness
      but before that one thing have to be very cleared that is, why should one have to start investing? it is the common and basic question which came to everyone's mind but no one take it seriously. everyone thinks like they are not earning enough to save or to invest, however investing doesn't means only to invest in stock markets, or in any another thing. one can also invest his money on himself to get better returns from himself like investing on education helps to create or gain skills which can access one to get best out of something by taking something as returns. So in this blog you will know about how to invest in this options to get good returns and to make a good future. 

  • life insurance corporation of india (lic) :- 
       life insurance corporation of india or lic is the leading life insurance company into an internationally recognized conglomerate with the presence in 14 countries. it has ventured into other financial services like lic hfl ltd, lic pension fund ltd, lic mutual fund, lic card services ltd, idbi bank ltd, lic hfl home cares ltd, lic hfl financial services ltd and lic hfl asset management company ltd. starting with an initial capital of 5 cr in 1956 today lic has asset base of rs around 31,96,214 cr, with life fund to the tune of rs around 31,14,496 cr. lic has always been at the forefront in nation building activities by deploying the funds to the best advantage of the policy holders as well as the community as a whole. 

      on the current date life insurance corporation of india is serving its customers through eight zonal offices, 113 divisional offices, 74 customer zones, 2048 branch offices, 1526 satellite offices, 3354 life plus offices and 31556 premium points. during the financial year 2019-20 life insurance corporation of india has registered a growth of 25.17% in the new buisness in terms of the first year premium. as it is in the growth stage investing in lic policy is also a good option for investing, one can receive returns upto 8% annually however it also covers life related mishaps like natural or unnatural incidents. most of the peoples like to invest in lic of india not because of its lic returns but because of the inclusion of risk factors.

     apart from life insurance one can also take another insurance policies which covers different risk factors on different things some of these policies are personal insurance, property insurance, marine insurance, fire insurance, liablity insurance, guarantee insurance. these are the policies which is likely to be preferred by peoples.

  • education and skills :- 
                       investing in education and skills is also a best investment option because by gaining enough knowledge and pursuing better skills one can take unexpected returns for example the well known personality "elon musk" gains most of the knowledge by reading knowledgeable books and all, and currently he cames under one of the top richest person on the world. nowadays even the scope in many of the sectors are got decereased but still there are some sectors which have higher demand in future some of these skills to be learnt are advanced excel or complete microsoft office for being data miner, data scientist, etc. but for that it requires complete knowledge of microsoft office. apart from that IT engineering also have vast scope in the future as due to covid-19 lockdown everything got digitalized which increased the value of this sector in disastrous way and seems like if this kind of situation arised again than there is really a huge need of IT professionals to develop various things for the reliablity of mankind. digital marketing is also one of the best sector which have a better scope as everything is getting digitalized if one can learn digital marketing course than he have a greater scope in that field as many companies likes to hire or freelance or we can say outsource digital marketer for marketing or branding of there products apart from this there are many skills which one can pursue to get better returns and secure the future.

  • health and fitness :-
    nowadays, no one can takes care of their health and fitness, so investing in health and fitness is also said to be a good investment, however may be you will not get any returns or very low returns from here in terms of money but still its a good option as it helps to keep our health fine and immunity strong.
     may be the above information  helps you to choose a better investment option. by investing in this options might be you didn't get higher returns but this are some of the options which have some scope in future.

(note :- all the information provided in the article are based on the facts available on google, no information is provided on the basis of author's view)

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