top 5 dividend paying stocks in india in IT sector

tata consultancy services
tata consultancy services

        top 5 dividend paying stocks in information and technology sector are tata consultancy services (tcs), infosys, wipro, hcl technologies and tech mahindra company. these five companies are the most leading service providing company in IT sector. this companies takes projects from clients regarding software development, business management software creations, web designing, etc.

  • tata consultancy services (tcs) :- 

      tata consultancy services or tcs is an indian multinational company which deals with IT projects of creating customized websites, software developments, etc. tcs currently operates within 19 countries holding overseas clients with it some of these clients are abn amro clearing, aegon life, hawaiian airlines, jurassic fibre limited, large european bank, lexmark internationals, vodafone idea limited, state bank of india, mother dairy, etc. as working with this overseas clients along with indian clients tata counsultancy servises company becomes a well known and reputed company which also helps its shares to rise continuously. currently the market price of the tcs company is fluctuating between 3,646 rs to 3,729 rs.

       if we talk about the dividends paid by the tata consultancy services company so it really provides good dividends on timely basis, it pays dividend to its stakeholders for 4 to 5 times a year. in financial year 2021 it had provided dividends for 4 times staring from 14th january it pays dividend of  6 rs per share, on 25th may it pays dividend of 15 rs per share, on 15th of july it pays dividend of 7 rs on per share basis and again it paid 7 rs as dividend on 14th of october. even in lockdown period in year 2020 it provided dividend for 4 times.

  • infosys :- 

        infosys is also an indian multinational company which works with indian clients along with the overseas clients, apart from tata consultancy services company, it is said to be that infosys captured a vast portion of market with its work efficiency, management, etc. some of the big clients of infosys are equatex, aimia, hilti, kellogg company, jfk health system, novasom, etc. because of having good reputation and higher market coverage the company's share price keeps on growing on long term basis, even in short term basis its share price grow's gradually. currently the share price of this infosys company is fluctuating between 1,679 rs to 1,728 rs.

        mostly this company pays dividends twice a year. in 2021 it paid dividend for 2 times starting from 31st may it pays the dividend of 15 rs on per share basis and again it paid dividend of 15 rs on 26th of october for the last time in the financial year. besides that sometimes it also provides dividend for 3 times in a year. for example in year 2019 and 2018 it had provided dividends for 3 times.

  • wipro :- 

        wipro is a complete service provider related to IT solutions, as it is also an IT based company so it also deals with the working of software development, web designing, research and development process, outsourcing solutions, etc. some of the biggest clients of wipro limited company are adobe, altizon, apporbit, amazon web services, cisco, datastax, scalearc, microsoft, stream technologies, etc. as it also have a goodwill in the IT market the share price of this company also rises but very gradually as you can see the growth of this company in long term basis. currently the share price of this company is fluctuating between 546 rs to 565 rs.

        from past times wipro company consistently giving dividend only once a year. as it already gave the dividend of january month on 21st of january of 1 rs per share, in year 2021 again it gaves the dividend of rs 1 on 22nd of january and after that it did not provide any dividends or any bonus shares to its stake holders, as it is currently on the growing stage maybe this company can start providing higher dividends after some years.

  • hcl tecnologies :- 

       hcl technologies is also an indian multinational company works with american and some other overseas companies and institutions. it delivers creative and innovative solutions regarding softwares and business develoment aspects. the srvices and products it delivers to its customers are IT infrastructure management services, applications services, engineering and r&d services, digital process operations, cloud native services, cybersecurity, digital and analytics, etc. some of the key clients of hcl technologies are ca inc, merck & co, autodesk, the boeing company, a fortune 500 manufacturing corporation, global pharmaceutical company, etc because of good market capture hcl technologies shares also keeps on performing good in the stock market. currently the stock price of hcl technologies is fluctuating around 1077 rs to 1103 rs.

       in financial year this company gave 5 times dividends to its share holders starting from 21st of january it gave the dividend of 4 rs, on 29th of april it pays dividends for two times that is of 6 rs and 10 rs, on 27th of july again it pays the dividend of 6 rs and for the last time it paid the dividend of rs 10 on 21st of october. for the year 2022 it already gave its first dividend payout of rs 10 on 20th january.

  • tech mahindra company :- 

    tech manindra company is also a leading indian multinational company works to enhance softwares and websites, it is also an IT services and solutions providing company, working with indian as well as multinational companies in other coutries. it delivers various work aspects to its customers some of these services are intelligent automation, digital supply chain, customer experience, cyber security, digital analytics, artificial intelligence, oracle, sap, telecom product engineering, enterprise of future, etc. some of the clients retained by tech mahindra company is exxaro, box inc, mit, talktalk, philips, abs-cbn, latecoere, abu dhabi municipality, premium credit limited, bridgestone, etc. as due to its market capture the share price of tech mahindra company keeps on fluctuating in a good manner. one can see its growth easily in long term. currently, the market price of this company fluctuates under the price of rs 1,406 to rs 1,483.

      in last year 2021, it had gives dividend for three times to its share holders starting from the month 23rd july by paying dividends for two times on the same date of rs 15, and the last time it paid dividend of rs 15 again on 2nd of november for the last time in financial year 2021.

(note :- the data provided in the article is provided on the basis of facts available on google there is no data mentioned according to the authors view.)

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