best ratan tata quotes with explanation - motivational success ratan tata quotes.

best ratan tata quotes with explanation - motivational success ratan tata quotes

    there is a deep and powerful lesson in ratan tata's life, which can be applicable to us as well. it's not about just him but his entire family. well, they are one of the most successful business families in india. they have make their mark by being extremely hardworking, selfless and ethical. there is something that we all should learn from what they have achieved so far and how we can do the same if given the chance again.

    ratan tata, the chairman of tata group is a man with a very simple philosophy. he believes that if you have to succeed in life, you must sacrifice and be selfless at the same time. such qualities are required to build an empire, and that is what ratan tata has done. the colossal conglomerate he leads today has over 100 brands operating across sectors like telecom, steel, automobile and venture capital. but before all these came into being, ratan tata had to first let go of his selfishness and put others interest above his own. these quotes by ratan tata on the subject of ethics will help you lead a better life and achieve your goals sooner rather than later.

    the tata family has always been very transparent about their finances and business dealings. they believe that it is important for them to share this information with their friends and colleagues who may need to know their financial situation at any point of time. thus, anyone who wants to have an insight into their earning and spending habits would be able to do so easily even after they pass away. in this article you will learn about some of their most inspiring quotes on ethics that you must know and take home as a personal learning experience.

best motivational success ratan tata quotes.

1. i don't believe in taking right decisions, i take decisions and then make them right.

motivational success ratan tata quotes

   believe in taking right decision is the most important factor for any person. taking means to do what you want to do instead of what others want you to do. if you want to make a career in the field, then you want to believe in yourself and take the right decisions. no one can take your career away from you if you don't decide for it. you can still get a job somewhere else even if your company is shutting down or going out of business. the only way you can lose your job is if you decide to quit. never quit, even if things are tough. if things become too difficult, then it probably means that you should have never started this job in the first place. its always better to quit while everyone else is leaving, it's usually because they have given up and decided not to pursue their dreams anymore. so never quit, believe in yourself and take the right decision.

2. if you want to walk fast, walk alone. but if you want to walk far, walk together.

motivational success ratan tata quotes

   like many other things in life, you are more likely to walk fast if you walk alone, but when it comes to waking a long distance, you're more likely to walk far if you walk with someone else. so take a family member or a friend along for the ride, here the ride refers to the journey of your life. according to mr. ratan tata when were walking alone you have no fear of losing someone or there is nothing that can make you feel hold back for any reasons and it helps you to go full out of your potential to achieve your goals or whatever you were upto. as there were no hurdles in your path so it makes you compatible to move fast on your journey. whereas if you want to walk far and want to achieve your big goals then you must walk together it means you must have good connections with various professionals who will help you in your journey whenever you got stuck. in short this ethics ratan tata quotes tries to tells that in short run if you want to grow fast then you must hear to yourself, but in long run you must carry others along with you so that they will carry you in your hard times.

3. all of us do not have equal talent, yet all of us have equal opportunity to develop our talents.

best ratan tata quotes with explanation

    many of us have the opportunity to develop our talent and create a career we love. but many employees and jobseekers have no idea about how to go about doing that, the first step is to figure out what you want to do. then take steps to make yourself an attractive candidate for he job. there are many ways you can do this, including improving your personal brand, building a network and learning new skills. be sure to look for opportunities that match your interest and abilities. and don't forget to keep learning throughout your career.

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4. deal with crisis in such a way, that you can hold your head high and sleep well at night.

motivational success ratan tata quotes

    passive income is a key component to financial freedom and success. it allows you to earn an income without having to actively be involved in the business. this can be accomplished through investments, rental properties or other assets that generate a passive source of income such as interests or dividends. passive income can come from diverse range of sources including retirement plans, social security benefits, and even tax refunds. this ratan tata quote is somewhat similar to warren buffet quotes i.e. never put your all eggs in one basket. as both sayings brings out a similar meaning to have some side hustles so that to deal with negative upcoming. 

there are many ways to generate passive source of income some of them are.

a. income from passive investments like stocks, bonds and real estate can provide steady monthly payments that can grow over time.

b. once you have a mortgage or rent your home or apartment, you are set to receive monthly payments for years to come.

c. with business ownership and royalties you are able to keep more of your hard earned money. be sure to take into account the expenses related to these transactions like maintenance fees and property taxes when calculating your roi.

5. none can destroy iron but its own rust can, likewise none can destroy a person but his own mindset can.

best ratan tata quotes with explanation

    a mindset is a way of thinking that influences how we perceive the world around us and how we act in it. since our mindset is formed very early on in life, it has a big impact on how we learn and how we grow. lets start with the basics i.e. mindset is the collection of beliefs that you have about yourself, the world around you and the ability of you to achieve your goals. 

   why is this important? because a good mindset helps you take control over your life by giving you the confidence you need to face challenges head on. it can help you feel more motivated to work hard and stay focused on your goals. in other words, having a positive mindset can help you get more out of life.

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6. the day i am not able to fly will be a sad day for me.

best ratan tata quotes with explanation

   growth is a continuous process in life. change happens all the time, whether we like it or not. sometimes change happen slowly and sometimes it happens quickly. sometimes it's subtle and other times its dramatic. but no matter what kind of change we are going through, growth can be defined as " the experience of continual improved mental, physical or emotional development. " growth is a continuous process in life it is not a momentary transformation that happens once or twice in one's life time. instead it is a continuous process that takes place throughout everyday. growth does not happen overnight or over a few years. instead, it takes time and effort to develop and improve one's skills, abilities, knowledge and experience over time. it is one of the most meaningful quotes by ratan tata on growth and success.

7. the greatest pleasure i've had is trying to do something that everybody says could not be done.

best ratan tata quotes with explanation

   there are many reasons why you might want to hide things from other people. perhaps you don't want your boss to see you're doing sloppy work, or you're afraid of being judged by others. or maybe you just have a lot of stuffs to do and don't have time for distractions. whatever the reason, there are somethings that can help keep your privacy intact.

   everybody has different talents, skills and interests. there's no reason you can't use those differences to your advantage. if you're good at writing, create a blog or start a blog network. if you're good at graphic design, get your work infront of an audience. the point is to do something that everyone can''t be able to do. a lot of people think that they can't do something because they don't have the necessary experience, knowledge or equipment. but if you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything.

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8. take the stones throw at you and use them to build a monument.

motivational success ratan tata quotes

   in order to be successful in life, you must have a positive mindset. when your mindset is positive, it means you are optimistic and confident about the future. a positive mindset will help you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. 

   one of the best ways to build a positive mindset is to take the negative thoughts and turn them into positive mindset signs. for example, when you are feeling anxious or worried. take few moments to notice what you are thinking, are you thinking that this situation is beyond your control? or are you thinking that there is no way out of this situation? this type of self talk can sabotage your efforts to stay calm and collected. instead, try to reframe these thoughts as signs that things will be okay in the long run. by turning negative thoughts into positive mindset sign, you can avoid defeatism and move forward with confidence, in simple words using others negative talks towards your goals as a positive sign is the whole meaning of this ratan tata quotes.

9. ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going, because a straight line even in an ecg means we are not alive.

motivational success ratan tata quotes

  ups and downs is one of the major aspect of life that helps a person to grow and develop his identity and set his picture infront of the world. according to mr. ratan tata if you were having a rich life and you were only getting things easily done by using your money then it will not be helpful to you because it will not help you to develop problem solving qualities in you and ultimately you will fail whenever face challenges if you got stuck in. easy times helps us to take some rest so that we can go out with our complete potential whenever the hard times comes. these ups and downs helps us to learn various skills that helps to deal with different kind of situations and that's why ratan tata in his quotes says that ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going, because a straight line even in an ecg means we are not alive.

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10. to set an example one has to make one's own way.

best ratan tata quotes with explanation

   in current days uniqueness is the key to success, as many companies and business are getting into the market with various products and services, but to get a different standard they have to come up with some uniqueness in there products or services. according to this quotes of ratan tata there are huge competition in the market due to same product and services so it is a message to you and upcoming entrepreneurs to come up with some unique ideas that have higher potential than rest to the product and service providers and that's why sir ratan tata said to set an example one has to make one's own way.

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