Top 10 rich dad poor dad quotes | rich dad poor dad robert kiyosaki quotes.

Top 10 rich dad poor dad quotes | rich dad poor dad robert kiyosaki quotes.

       in this competitive world, achieving your financial goals is a very difficult task, but for achieving your financial goals you must have to make strong your knowledge about financial freedom. according to various financial experts it is proven, that to enhance your financial knowledge reading books is the best option which help you to develop your mindset and ultimately help you to achieve your financial goals.

      there are various books already written on this topic some of them are psychology of money, the monk who sold his ferrari, zero to one, and so on. rich dad poor dad book is also comes under these financial knowledge providing books. in this book you can get to know about various lessons about money management, money mindset, skill development and so on. the author of this book robert kiyosaki had prepared this book on the life story of his two fathers among which he gave the title of poor dad to his real father and rich dad to his friend's father on the basis of of their mindset.

     however, in this article you can get to know about top 10 rich dad poor dad quotes, so if you are looking for best tips to enhance your mindset then you must read the below given tips which is picked from these book. it is one of the most known book that most of the peoples used to learn financial knowledge. so following these tips can also enhance your mindset and helps you to achieve your financial goals.

top 10 rich dad poor dad quotes.

1. don't work for money, make money work for you.

robert kiyosaki quotes.

       according to robert's rich dad from a long time, peoples were get stuck into a circle and that circle was known as rat race. actually nowadays the motive of most of the peoples life is to get educated from a best school or college, getting a fixed or stable income job and getting married and paying the bills till the rest of their life. here they don't put efforts to develop their financial knowledge which brings them to a rat race where they keep on work for someone till the rest of his life which won't help him to make a continuous flow of money for his retirement. 

       on this, robert kiyosaki's rich dad say's that doing a job is not bad, but doing a job for your entire life will takes you to the rat race where you keeps on working for someone to fulfill your debts. in short you don't have to be depended on a single source of income i.e. don't work for money, make money work for you. which means you must do investment in various fields to generate a second source income. hence, it is also comes under rich dad poor dad best lessons.

2. keeping money is more important than making it.

rich dad poor dad robert kiyosaki quotes.

      it is one of the best rich dad poor dad quote. as most of the peoples know how to earn money but due to lack of financial knowledge they were unable to preserve it and ultimately they loose their money in long term. here the best example for this quote is film stars and sportsmen because they knew how to earn money but due to lack of financial education there are various celebrities who'd lost their money. you might've know some of them who were rich at their time but due to lack of financial education they loose their money and have nothing in the present time.

     on the basis of this phrase, rich dad puts the example that most of the peoples here consider property as an asset, but according to rich dad it is a liability, because asset refers to term which helps your money to grow along with time but in case of properties you must have to pay your loans and emi's which takes money out from your pocket for several years. so making money is important but developing a mindset to preserve your money is also equally important.

3. get in your business along with your job.

rich dad poor dad

      when someone got a job at a good and stable salary he thinks to pursue that job for several years or till the rest of his life and rather than that he never thinks of doing something different that helps him to become financially stable due to lack of financial education. here the basic meaning of this quote is not actually to start your business but to invest somewhere which helps you to make money with very low efforts or without putting any efforts.

      according to rich dad if someone thinks to do something than he can do that even while doing a job. in short one can make his own business empire without living his current job. to understand this lets take the example of one of the world's largest fast food chain mcdonalds's founder ray kroc. if someone ask that from which business do ray kroc makes his money, then most of us will think from mcdonald's but in reality mr. ray kroc makes most of his wealth out of real estate because during the expansion of mcdonald's business he became the biggest real estate owner.

      in this case, he was not doing a job but while operating a business he'd also put his time on pursuing other business which currently makes his wealth at a greater level. so it is also a good rich dad poor dad quote that you must follow to start a business while doing a full time job.

4. taxes are only for middle class and poor.

Top 10 rich dad poor dad quotes

     robert kiyosaki, while getting this financial knowledge from his rich dad he came to know that at the beginning taxes were introduced with the perspective to rough the line between rich peoples and poor peoples but along with the time, in the present situation, poor peoples wer paying taxes more than rich peoples. because of good knowledge about finance management rich peoples know how to save taxes on their earnings but due to lack of financial knowledge and low money management skill poor peoples used to pay higher taxes even than the rich peoples. 

    mostly rich peoples used to earn money and reinvest that for long term and d they used to keep doing this helps them to pay very low taxes and hence they can achieve their financial goals whereas poor peoples used to utilize their money on buying luxuries and for that reason they also have to pay higher taxes. so according to rich dad having knowledge about taxes is also a good skill that you must keep to preserve your money. so, it is a best rich dad poor dad quotes on investment.

5. the rich invent money.

Top 10 rich dad poor dad quotes | rich dad poor dad robert kiyosaki quotes.

      jeff bezos, bill gates, mark zuckerberg, elon musk and in india dhirubhai ambani, shiv nadar and azim premji are some of the well known businessman around the worlds who've brought a unique business or you can who've brought an unique idea about which nobody've thought about these ideas and because of this revolutionary idea they've invented the money. it is a canonical phrase of rich dad which he said to mr. robert while giving him the knowledge about financial freedom. 

     according to rich dad making money sometimes became a quite difficult task you have to think out of the box and bring something in play which is completely unique and revolutionary which also helps you to invent it is also a good rich dad poor dad book quotes that you must follow.

6. work to learn, never work to earn.

robert kiyosaki quotes.

    according to rich dad you must work to learn and not work to earn, as you see most of the financially educated peoples used to encourage their children's to read money management related  books, they encourage them to participate in different different sports and sometime they also tell their children's to do a job not to earn money but to learn about how things work, actually how does a company works and grow sustainably in long term which helps to enhance the mindset of their children's.

    whereas poor people always put the mindset of earning money rather than learning in their children's and for that reason they usually become the employees for their whole life and not be able to do something by it is also a good quote from rich dad poor dad book that you must follow to enhance your financial knowledge skills.

7. find opportunities in problems.

robert kiyosaki quotes.

      from the beginning middle or poor class families always used to told to their children's that we can't afford it and for that reason their children's used to realize it from the beginning that there are really so many things which is beyond their reach, whereas rich peoples used to educate their children's about if they want something than how do he afford that. in short if you think that there is something which you can't afford than you yourself destroying the opportunities which might helps you to achieve you your goals.

     according to rich dad when you think about problems you have more problems and when you think about possibilities you have more opportunities. he actually wants to say that rich peoples educate their children's to figure out that how do they find opportunities in problems and never turn their back on any problems. they taught them about how to deals with problem. so it is also a good and valuable quote that you can learn from this book rich dad poor dad.

8. never aim for more income, always aim for more assets.

Top 10 rich dad poor dad quotes

     according to robert kiyosaki's rich dad, peoples were never be able to become financially free because they always aim to earn more and more income. in some previous you must knew that peoples were stick to a single job when they get some good offers and never thought to do something different even while pursuing that job. however this quotes from rich dad poor dad book says that peoples who always aim for good income will never be able to grow their wealth in long run and ultimately they have to face lots of issues after their retirement.

     whereas, those peoples who aim to build assets that keeps on providing them a continuous flow of income will actually become financially free and also they would be able to take early retirement. while saying this quote robert kiyosaki mentioned some assets that might help you to become financially free and also helps you to generate a passive income and they are stock market, real estate, business startup's and so on.

9. being able to know when to make quick decisions is an important skill.

Top 10 rich dad poor dad quotes

     decision making is one of the major aspect of every one's life, but sometimes there are some situations arise where we also have to take quick decisions, but due to lack of idea and intelligence it also make us suffer. on this mr. robert kiyosaki says that being able to know when to make quick decisions is an important skill that you must develop. while starting a business or while investing in stock market decision making is the most important thing that plays the vital role to grow your income. however sometimes some situation arise where you must have to take decisions calmly but in urgence of getting the results most the peoples used to take immediate decisions and loose their opportunities.

10. idea without action is useless.

robert kiyosaki quotes

     nowadays, most of the peoples have various ideas in their mind but due to lack of self confidence, self empowerment and fear they never think to start to take action to make their dream come true, here this quote actually tries to tell that you might have an idea but if you scared to take action than that idea is of no use. ideas sitting there in a meditative manner aren't going to carry the outcomes you want. there need to be a sure quantity of implementation, movement and is also a good robert kiyosaki quote.

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