which multibagger shares are good to invest at present?

which multibagger shares are good to invest at present?

  • introduction :-   

                        currently many peoples were searching for some good multibagger shares which have higher growth potential in future. so many peoples analyse the penny stocks and search for the next titan company like stock to get higher benefits at very short pan of time. so in this blog you' ll get to know about which multibagger shares are good to invest at present and best multibagger stocks that have chances of higher growth in the future. but before that lets have a look on what is multibagger stock refers to.

  • what is multibagger stock?   

              multibagger stocks refers to those stocks which listed on stock exchanges but due to some consequences like huge amount of debt, the value of the stocks of these companies falls so drastically and currently got traded as penny stocks. but still if these companies overcome with some solutions and reduced there debts or solve the problem for what there stock value got reduced than there are huge chances that these stocks can again reach their real market value and provide a huge returns to their stakeholders. as these stocks are getting traded as penny stocks if it have chances to grow to an excessive level that means if it can provide a multiple times of the current market price within a stipulated time or in very short span of time then only it could be considered as multibagger stock.

features of multibagger stocks :-  

  • growth chances :-  
                 growth chances is the most important thing for a penny share to become a multibagger share. now the growth chances depends on the market competition, brand building, reduction in liabilities etc. so many of the companies stocks falls down due to these three reasons, if a company find a solution and overcome from this problems then it have higher growth chances. however apart from that if a company stock reach high value from a penny stock then it called as a multibagger stock. for example the best multibagger stock of all time that is titan company had provided good returns at YoY and currently getting traded around the price range of 2,500 rs as it started its journey in 1995 with the price range around 8 rs and in 2002 it falls down to its all time low of around rs 2. according to some of the experts it still have a long way to go as its financials and future prospects are very clear.
  • time required :-   
                 mostly it is considered that those shares which provide higher returns at very low amount of time are the multibagger stocks. for example the titan have provided good returns on YoY basis. in year 1995 the price was around rs 8. moving forward to 5 years, in year 2000 the price was around 7 rs per share. againg forwrd for 5 years the average price was around rs 9 in year 2005, till the year 2010 the average market price was moved upto 79 rs, till the year 2015 the market price of each share of titan company moved to 448 and till 2020 the shares of the titan company got traded at the average price of 1,240 rs. this shows that how a penny stock got converted in a multibagger and high value stock within 25 years. according to some experts till the year 2025 it can move further upto rs 4,000.

which multibagger shares are good to invest at present?

  • which multibagger shares are good to invest at present?       
                 best multibagger stocks to invest in 2022 according to there sectors are like:- 
  • vodafone idea limited :-    
                from the telecom service sector vodafone idea limited is one of the best penny stock in which one must invest, there are various reasons why it would become a multibagger share but the major one is that, if the vodafone idea limited got vanished from the market than the whole telecom network are going to turned in a duopoly market which may cause the effects like rise in plans, charges, etc because the complete market share can be captured by jio (reliance industries) and airtel (bharti airtel limited). currently the vodafone idea limited have a huge amount of debt, however it is trying to reduce its debt year over year, but after the Q3 results of FY2022 it again get under huge pressure. it is also one of the reason for which it's not be able to increase its share value. many of the experts highly recommend to sell the share and it is about 66%, 33% to hold the share and 1% to buy the shares of the company.

  • rtcl limited :-     
                 rtcl limited is a tobacco based company which have higher potential to become a multibagger stock but it may takes huge time to be there. according to its charts this stock was consolidated for the whole year with average amount of changes in its share price however with the starting of january 2022 it shows a good movement as its price reach 27.91 rs, however according to some of the analysts it will again consolidate for the rest of the year for price level between 10 rs to 20 rs, currently its hitting the lower circuit consistently from around 2 to 3 days. but due to low competency it might have chances to be a multibagger one day.

which multibagger shares are good to invest at present?

  • maharashtra corporation limited :-   
                maharashtra corporation limited is a distribution sector based company which may have chance to resist in the market and become a high value stock as teh competitors of these company is quite easy to tackle. it was one of the best multibagger stock under 1 rs till 2021 but currently it is getting traded at the price level of 1.40 rs to 1.50 rs. for the past year that is in 2021 it was consolidated for the complete year but in the end it had made a cult and created its all time high of rs 2.66. currently due to some consequences it also hitting the lower circuit. the market capitalization of this company is of rs 21 crore and as it is a low capitalized company the liquidity of the company asset and share price is way higher so the volatility of the company show a upward movement as the stock price rise.

              these are the some multibagger stocks which are good to invest at present or one can say these are the multibagger stocks for next 10 years, however apart from these stocks there were so many stocks which have higher potential even more than these stocks to grow even higher, as previously its mentioned the multibagger stocks could be those stocks which can grow not 1 time neither 10 times but the even more though multiple times of its current market price.

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