top 10 habits of successful investors - successful investor habits.

top 10 habits of successful investors - successful investor habits.

         while investing in stock market an investor or a trader have the major perspective of making profit in long term or in short term, but due to some consequences and unethical activities most of the traders and investors were unable to make profit properly in the market run.

        on the other hand there are so many successful investors are also available who've made their more than 90% of wealth just from investing during their whole life. here, the major requirement for performing a value investing activity is the mindset of the investor. the higher the investor have control over his mind the greater he have chances to create wealth out of stock market.

       here, not only the mindset but also consistency, discipline and habits are equally important to sustain in the market up's and down's and make a good profit in long term. so, in this article you can get to know about top 10 habits of successful investors which you must also follow to create a good wealth from stock market.

top 10 habits of successful investors.

      before starting to build this habit you have to create a discipline where you'll work according to the data, desired numbers and not according to your emotions, as most of the successful investors said that if you follow your emotions and feelings while investing in stocks then it is assured that you'll lose your money in stock market.

1. diversification.

       diversification is the major key that help to sustain you in the stock market. it is a well known habit of successful investors. as most of the new investors or traders used to invest there complete funds in a single stock which showing an upward trend and suddenly when the price of the share falls down the investor used to regret because of there decision. so diversification is the must requirement while investing in stock market as it is one of the habit of successful investor which you can built in yourself.

2. lower risk. 

      according to successful investors at the beginning of their investing journey they used to take very low risk in order to save their capital and still they used to suggest that taking lower risk would be a good suggestion of every time by an investor. they say that building of taking lower risk is a good habit of successful investor. the best know example of taking lower risk is mr. warren buffet as he had invested his funds in coca cola company rather than investing in alphabet inc. or facebook at that time. the major two reason behind this are first he don't understand technology based companies as he said always and the second thing is of taking lower risk.

3. live below your means.

      living below the means is one of the best habit of successful investors as they used to earn lots of money but they used to keep on investing the huge amount of their earnings again and again to get even higher returns out of stock market and spend very low amount on their desires. many successful investor used to follow the 50-30-20 rule to budgeting their funds in which they used to invest 50% of their income and use 30% to fulfill their needs and use 20% to fulfill their desires. so if you are a beginner investor and wants to spend less on your desire then you can adapt to this habit of successful investors, which also might helps you to manage your wealth properly.

4. managing your wealth.

      most of the new investors used to wide spread their investment among various brokers and different investment options. but according to successful peoples diversification is necessary to overcome the fear of loosing money but spreading your investments drastically will also leads to lose of money, as you won't be able to keep proper track record of your funds, that how much you've invested in stock market, in cryptocurrencies, in gold and so on. so managing your wealth properly and developing a mindset to take money management decisions is also a good habit of successful investors which you must achieve.

5. creating good connections.

      while investing in stock market most of the investors made the mistake that they used to follow the tips and tricks that they saw on some social media sites like facebook, youtube, etc and used to apply those tips and tricks while investing which in long run make them regret for following those tips. rather than that successful peoples used to say always to build networks and connections with some good financial advisors, tax lawyers, chartered accountants, stock brokers and so on as they actually helps you as a mentor to create a good wealth for you. many investor used to says that in the beginning of the investing journey they used to find a good mentor for themselves who guide them in their journey and it is the best habit that they build as a successful investor.

6. read to understand.

      according to the berkshire hathaway's warren buffet reading is the key to his success in stock market journey. according to some sources it is said that mr. warren buffet used to read lots of books to enhance his knowledge regarding stock market. however it is proven that reading actually helps to get a clarification regarding the situations. rather than reading books mr. warren buffet mostly used to reads companies financials and fundamentals and about their movements in news papers to understand the companies working and growth opportunities. so you can also start to build this habit of successful investor by reading books to get clarification while reading financials of companies during investing in the company.

7. never loose hope.

      as compare to successful investor a normal investor used to check his portfolio several times due to unstable emotions and lack of concentration over his mind. a successful investor invest his money with a vision of long term holding so that market up's and down's won't affect his emotions and he will never scared to loose money due to clarity in vision. however a beginner investor used to check his portfolio again and again as they have the fear of loosing money. they don't prepare a good strategy or they don't have any vision of investing, their major perspective is of making money whether in short term or in long term and this become the major cause of loosing money sometimes. so building a habit like successful investors of never loosing hope helps you to deal with the market volatility and it also helps you to grow your funds generically.

8. start early and hold for long.

      according to some sources warren buffet had started his investing journey when he was 11 yrs. old. so the moral is starting early to invest in any investing option can helps you to grow your funds properly in long term. according to mr. warren buffet "if you buy a share with proper financials and fundamental research then the perfect time to sell that share is almost never". but currently most of the investors and traders used to sell the stock immediately even if they were getting very low profit  and also sometimes that profit would get deducted as broking charges and again the investor have to face loses on the investment. so holding a stock for long term would be good option after purchasing, as it also helps to compound the return on equity. so building this habit of successful investor would also be a good thing for you.

9. know the rules.

       in stock market, following ethical rules is quite easy thing but due to lack of information, knowledge and self-control most of the peoples used to do unethical things in order to get profit out of stock market. successful investors used to read about value investing topics that helps them to influence their knowledge and follow the necessary rules while investing which also helps them to hold their positions for long term without worrying about loosing money in stock market due to proper fundamental analysis. whereas new investors mostly preferred to do one day trading, swing trading, momentum trading, trend trading and so on.which is considered as an unethical investing tactic. so building a habit like successful investors to know the market rules would also helps you somewhere in your investing journey.

10. invest according to age.

     in the trading journey many investors used to make the common mistake of not making the financial planning properly according to their age criteria. as most of the new investors did not make any strategy or don't have any vision of investing about their financial goals and so on. so they used to invest their funds in non organised way so most of the successful investor say that building a proper financial plan would be a great thing in your investing journey as it will let you know that when do you have to stop, at what time you have to build an emergency fund, what would be the ratio of investing in stocks, bonds emergency funds and so on. most of the successful investors firstly build a strong financial planning in order to deal with unpredictable situations by creating an emergency fund. so learning to build a financial planning and invest according to age would also a good habit of successful investor which you can build to gain a good wealth in long term or to take early retirement.

the bottom line.

     after starting to invest in stock market it is difficult to come out of it, as it is a kind of addiction that attracts you towards itself, so practicing habits of successful investors helps you to create a sound mind and deal with these problems. as one person mistake becomes the lesson to hundred of peoples. so building this habits can helps you to deal with the problems that you might face. i hope you found this article helpful, you might also like best investment option for salaried person.

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